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OMG, I've resurfaced.

2007-09-24 14:49:29 by TBF

It's been a while since I have even used the internet for anything but keeping in touch with my family in the UK, but after a lot of soul searching and sorting out of my life, I have decided to reappear.

I started a new job in march of this year after getting fired from my old job for apparently having no repsect for the cunt that was my manager.... I had no Idea how much stress and depression that job was causing me until I started this new one. I realised my old job was pretty much dictating my entire life. It was so bad that I was starting to blame my family for all my problems when it was in fact my shitty job that was doing so. I love my new job, its simple and physical and pays twice as much as my old job, it's a night shift so I don't have to get up in the morning. I work sunday nights through thursday nights so I get fridays and saturdays off, which is superfine by me.

Things at home are about a million times better than they were at my old job. Me and my wife get along now, where we never did before because I was so depressed and stressed all the time. My little girl will be turning 3 in october and is the most amazing thing I have ever done or will ever do in my life, I love her to death.

My parents moved to the states 3 months ago, I have missed having them around since I moved here from the U.K. 6 years ago. They bought a beautiful home about 10 mins away, its just really awesome to have them back in my life full time, which I honestly believe has helped me get my head straight too.

For all my friends here who thought I was dead or in an asylum, I'm sorry for not staying in touch. I just had to get away from the internet all together as so many of the negative aspects of my life from the last two years were associated with it. Its nothing personal you filthy pigs (j/k) :P

So yeah, I'm back. I probably won't be around as much as I used to be because I have a ton of things that are more important to me now, but for all that care, I'll be here. :)



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2007-09-24 15:36:59

wh0 da fuk r u fukin gay n00b u think we al care

Just kidding. Nice to see some old regulars coming back, even though I never met you.


2007-09-24 16:49:15

Holy carp, it's Matt. Good to hear that things are looking up, old chum.

TBF responds:

Thanks man, I hope you're doing well. Still having as much fun in the mod lounge without me? >:)


2007-09-24 19:59:20

Wonderful to see you back, and in better shape. :)

Your little girl is looking great, must be from all the love her daddy is showering on her. :)

Hope to see you around more.

TBF responds:

Thanks and congrats on the modship and all that.

I'll be around more, you know, in between showering Teagan with love. :)


2007-09-28 02:21:57

That's so awesome that the house you go to when you're finished work is now a proper home for you. I can't imagine how much relief and happiness has made its way into your life now, but you sound like you couldn't rock out with your cock out any harder than you already are.

Not like you need it anymore, but all the best big fella. I'm so happy for you.


TBF responds:

Figgy.... My absolute favortive Aussie, after Brooke Satchwell >.>

I hope you're alright and still shaving your head.