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It's amazing how fast they grow.

2007-09-29 00:47:01 by TBF

This coming wednesday my little girl is going to be 3. It seems like only yesterday that she was just being born, a 6lb little baby who just laid there and slept for almost 16 hours a day. Gone are the days where she would be quiet for more than 2 seconds, where she didnt answer back, or ask for food, or toys.

She recently started pre-school and is having a blast going there, it was a big step for her and both me and my wife. She's such a big girl who I'm so very proud of. Everyone at pre-school is older than her, but because she's such a smart little girl she's already way ahead of the other kids. With a little help from my mum (who used to be a nursery school teacher for 20 years) she has learned all her colors, shapes, and numbers. Not only that, but she can color really well, loves to cut things out with scissors and paste them with glue, and with a little help from her daddy, is good on a computer too. :D

We've spent a lot of money to buy supplies and rent the local fire hall to throw her a big party next weekend. There are a lot of people coming so she should have a fantastic time. I get to be the lucky fella who holds the pinata while the kids swing and miss it..... I'll post pictures of the bruises after the event. :P

It's amazing how fast they grow.


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2007-09-29 17:01:45

Is she going to get a Newgrounds account when she gets old enough?


2007-09-30 00:05:29

Well, I wish the best luck on her education! I have a 2 year old son, Joey.


2007-10-03 03:52:02

can I come to the party

TBF responds:

Only if you dress like a clown and do a tricky dance.....


2007-10-25 13:39:31

Wow, you must be so proud - what a beautiful little girl you have!